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The following is a List of AOC TV Models and their Main Boards, Main Circuit Boards, and main PCBs


Brand AOC, Model LE24A1332-61, AOC LE24A1332-61 LED TV Motherboard
AOC LE24A1332-61 TV Main Board
AOC LE24A1332-61 TV Circuit Board
AOC LE24A1332-61 TV KIT
Brand AOC, Model LE32A1330/61, AOC LE32A1330/61 LED TV LE24A1332-61
AOC LE32A1330/61 TV Main Board
AOC LE32A1330/61 TV Circuit Board
AOC LE32A1330/61 TV KIT
Brand AOC, Model LE32A133061, AOC LE32A133061 LED TV LE32A1330/61
AOC LE32A133061 TV Main Board
AOC LE32A133061 TV Circuit Board
AOC LE32A133061 TV KIT
Brand AOC, Model LE32A352061, AOC LE32A352061 LED TV LE32A133061
AOC LE32A352061 TV Main Board
AOC LE32A352061 TV Circuit Board
AOC LE32A352061 TV KIT