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Who will replace this part in my TV?

Replacing the power supply board inside the TV is a simple task to complete with the proper preparation. It involves opening up the TV, identifying the defective board, removing it, adding a ordered board, and re-assembling the TV.

Screen is black, But sound still present. What to do?

Hire a technician and ask him to diagnose, it might be a problem of Backlight or a problem in the inverter section of your TV Power Supply board.

Once the problem identified, simply change the Defective part. We don't recommend to repair the defective item, it might work for a while, but it wont last and same issue reoccur in few days.   

What if the Item received but not working in my TV? 

Relax! We are here to cover such issues under your warranty period. 

What is the board received is not compatible with my TV? 

We recommend you to compare the TV model and picture before you order an item. However, we are always ready to help you in such scenario.